10 Reasons to Improve Writing Skills#Importance

10 Reasons to Improve Writing Skills#Importance

10 Reasons to Improve Writing Skills#Importance

Importance of writing

writing is stress Buster, make it a habit

Sachin Tendulkar, MS DhoniVirat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Mary KomSania Mirza are famous personalities because they are well-known for the skills of their field. Every field requires some peculiar skills. Those who, acquire them are the role-models. The stories based on mythologies, Stories, and novels of Shakespeare, are the milestones of writing. You can read them as they are preserved in the form of writings. In the same way, you like to read a few articles thoroughly than others, as they are crafted nicely and the writing skills make it different from others. In today’s world, the importance of writing skills is immeasurable.

What is writing skills?

  • Writing is an essential part of communication. It is a method of expressing thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions in the form of writing. The author plays with words, as a result, he creates empathy and connects emotionally and rationally to numerous audiences. It is like mass communication and targets a large audience at the same moment in a clear, effective, and easy way.
  • Writing is a predominant part of schools and many industries. But hardly anyone thinks how writing came into existence. Writing is taken for granted and nobody understands the complex process it has gone through for its present existence.

A Very Short History of Writing!

Writing has gone through three evolution,

  • The Mesopotamian cuneiform was invented in Sumer, present-day Iraq.
Ancient Mesopotamian Cuneiform 062611» Vector Clip Art - Free Clip Art Images

image- Ancient Mesopotamian Cuneiform, Early Manuscripts

  • Egypt from earlier times has two writing systems, Hieroglyphs and Hieratic, which includes 24uni-Consonantal symbols, Phonetic components representing combinations of sounds, determinative sign. The discovery of the Rosetta stone makes it possible for the hieroglyphic code to crack.
  • The seals of the Indus valley, usually the center of each seal contains a depiction of animals. The lack of longer inscriptions suggests that these scripts were limited.
  • The first examples of universally recognized as Chinese characters – Inscriptions on oracle bones and Bronze vessels, were produced during the Shang Dynasty. Some 2000 different characters were already in use in the Shang dynasty. Some of the earliest writing was on bamboos and wood, nearly all of which is perishable. The Oracle bones show a fully developed writing system.
  • Alphabets refer to the series of letters arranged in a peculiar way that is used for reading and writing a language. There are more than 3800 languages on earth that use an alphabet.
  • The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet having 26 upper and lower case letters, the word alphabet comes from the Greek word alphabetos, in which ‘alpha’ means ‘the beginning’ and ‘beta’ means ‘the second of many things’.
  • The letters used in Modern Times also collectively known as alphabets has a fixed order based on the rules and when these symbols are used for writing then they are called letters.
  • The Modern alphabets with 26 letters in English have influences from the Semitic, Phoenicians, Greek, and Roman Scripts.
Alphabet (Early Greek)

A journey of Writings from the Ancient Time to The Present

What is the need to improve writing skills?

If you observe your daily routine from morning till midnight, 80% of the time you are busy texting the message, sending e-mails, guiding others to write the answers for which you need a good set of vocabularies, and sound grammatical skills. Writing comments on Facebook, Instagram, and tweeting on -social media needs writing skills. Writing definitely has an academic influence.

Nowadays, writing has a vital part in our life, it builds a bridge between people, communities, societies, cultures and connects with the outer plethora. Imagine how people are compelled to buy products online, Obviously, it’s their packing and writing skills that attract customers. Thus in today’s world writing plays an essential role.

10 reasons to improve writing skills

  1. Writing compels you to be a good reader to write –A good writer always read the material thoroughly before presenting it to others. Good research is conducted before penning down the thoughts. Which enhances reading skills as well as broadens penning styles and skills.

  2. Plays like a bridge between society-Undoubtedly, in today’s tech-savvy world, people are more into commenting and tweeting on social media, because of that penning your words carefully and cautiously is a must. People believe in what they read, hence, It has the power to connect people and vice-versa. However, jotting is a bridge to communicate and connect with cultures and societies. Penning down shapes and forms culture and societies.

  3. It gives a clear and concrete picture-From our childhood, we make notes of various subjects, maintain a to-do list, and remember, how our parents and teachers compelled us to maintain proper notebook work because it helped us to approach more conveniently during our assessments. In professional life too, penning down the points give a clear picture to perform the tasks more appropriately without any ambiguity.

  4. Writing is like a mirror –Everybody has their own favorable and unfavorable experiences in life. Many are good at expressing it by penning down and overcome their negative experiences. It also helps others to understand and handle their problems with ease as they are sailing on the same boat but not good to share or express it. Writing is like a mirror, where expressing one’s own feeling reflects the feeling of many others.

  5. Gateway to Professional life-Nowadays, good writing skills are a prerequisite in most of the professions. People with good communication skills bag good opportunities which help them to spread their roots in the industry and make a benchmark.

  6. Helps to transform lives- Good quotes, stories, biographies, autobiographies are the example of scripts, which motivates and transforms the lives of people over time.

  7. Exercise of mind – Writing is considered to be a booster to our mind. It helps to pour out the repressed thoughts and it is also advised as therapy. Penning habits reduce the trauma of anxiety and dementia.

  8. The pathway for creative and logical thinking-Writing is not merely arranging of words, it needs logical, creative thinking as well as needs brainstorming. Writing gives wings to your imagination. Logical and rational thinking eliminates the darkness of society and breaks the stereotype and prejudiced thoughts that are still persistent in humankind.

  9. Strengthens connectivity within -Writing needs imagination, empathy towards others and, imaginations are the key to joy and happiness. Jotting is not throwing words to frame a sentence it is the way of depicting one’s inner thoughts, feelings, pure emotions. It helps the author to connect and strengthening within.

  10. Self-worth -Penning down one’s own thoughts and touching and transforming other lives gives a feeling of self- worth, by fostering self-esteem and confidence. Developing Writing skills among Preschoolers.

Developing writing skills among preschoolers

  • Although the National Centre of Education and Research training has claimed that no child of elementary should be compelled and judged on the performance of the academic. Still, they have certain milestones to be achieved during this age group.
  • Writing is an important part of self-expression in childhood. This age group expresses their views in the form of scribbling, coloring, drawing. Using strokes, tracing letters, and shape formations are the prerequisites of school goers. Fine motor skills are associated with upcoming academic performances. Thus preschool writing is a must. Allow them with enough time and pace to work with their comrades as preschoolers are very good imitators. Child of this age should be trained with good motor skills for example help them to hold the things properly e.g. pencils, a ball cup of water, help them to peel peas, drying clothes, folding a hanky
  • It will enhance their eye-hand coordination, which is a prerequisite for writing
Learning to depict the the likings

Preschoolers prefer to draw

Learning to draw and write using shapes

drawing help kids to express more in early childhood


Tracing strokes and alphabets improves writing skills

 Why writing skills are important or Primary School Students

  • Reading is the stepping stone for further academic achievements.
  • A good writer is an excellent reader. Both reading and writing are the two parts of the same coin.
  • School going children are required to have some more writing skills than the preschoolers.
  • Once children enter school life they have to face examinations, competitions, debates essay writings, etc. These writing skills need good vocabularies, correct spellings, error-free grammar, and the ability of sentence constructions but all skills cannot be achieved in one go. Students of every age have their limitations and requirements to be attained.

8 Quick Steps to develop good writing skills among Primary school students

Inculcate regular reading habits-Encourage your child to read books of their own interests, avoid fictional books if they are beginners. E.g. – stories of  Malala Yousfzai,  which they can correlate and connect. Biographies are good for beginners, however, it is one’s own choice and interest in reading books.  Children are keen observers so you have to be the role model. Make a habit of daily reading. Reading and writing are interrelated.

Encourage Restatement or paraphrasing-Reading of books is followed with the step of restating or paraphrasing, here children are allowed to restate the same lines the author has said while writing and paraphrasing help students to speak and write it in their own words. As a result, it will enhance their writing skills along with creative, abstract, and logical thoughts.

Invest time to read the write-ups of your little ones –It is a very common practice of parents to engage children in jotting down, But you have to spare time and read the subject,  you have to correct the sentence formation, spelling, and grammatical errors if any. Don’t forget to appreciate the budding writers. This will help them to write sincerely for a genuine comment.

Space for creative writingCreate space for creative writing, where students can write according to their own wishes. It will build-up their brainstorming capabilities. Creative writing broadens thinking skills.

Word games –Scrabble, spell bee, climb the ladder, unscramble the words are some word-building games, that will help them in their long run of academics to various fields. Home games like scrabble,  boggle will aid to build rich vocabularies, having vast synonyms will embellish writing skills, which can be used in many avenues. As a result, it will build their confidence level.

Catch the tail and write few lines to weave a story –Being spending a good time in teaching, I strongly believe in this technique. In this, a child speaks a line and other students have to listen and frame sentences accordingly to shape like a story. Adding characters will be according to the niche. As a result, it will turn out into a beautiful moral story. It aids them to write clearly as they have their self-created storyline. It is like, Killing two birds with a stone.

Encourage to write apart from school work-Students have to bear the burden of academic competitions. Also, get less time for extra writing practice. They are busy in maintaining notebook work and assignments. Parents have to stimulate extra writing practices. In this digital era, Students should avail advantage of technology and start blogging. once they are instilled with writing skills. ‘Grammarly’ will help them to change incorrect sentences, Punctuations, and fix spelling errors.

Creating their own picture book –Colorful pictures and texts fascinate all age groups. Reading, paraphrasing, and drawing images will self-motivate the child to pursue their work.  Jotting a few lines on the pictures will help them to create a gilt-edged pictorial dictionary for themselves.

As writing is a synthesis of many skills. , it is the backbone of students’ life, which will help them to survive in the competitive world.

Enhacing creative writing among primary students

Encouraging Students to Write Apart from School Work

Writing is art and science – 

Art is the way to articulate and presenting the subject in such a way to touch and connect with the emotions,   aesthetic skills, creates empathy for the readers. Storytelling is an art. It aims in engaging the reader in one or the other emotional trap. It is a subjective area. A piece of art you go through will leave an unforgettable impression on you.

On the other side, writing is a science that needs logical and rational thinking. A writer needs the quality to compose, arrange and craft a meaningful and sensible story, blog, or article. Writing needs good hands-on vocabularies, knowledge of framing meaningful sentences,  in-depth knowledge of the subject, and the writing should not bloat with an unnecessary stuffing of words.

Thus, writing is art and science as well. They are like two parts of the same coin.

Why are the steps of writing Essential?

Whenever you plan to write, you only have various topics and sub-parts popping into your mind. Basically, you have unstructured, raw ideas. It seems like you have various materials to make a cake but don’t know the proportions and steps to baking. In that case, you will click or go through the steps to bake a cake. In the same way, writing is, to arrange those pieces coherently, to produce a readable, relevant, refined and final product, we need to follow few steps, Which will make your manuscripts effective.

5Steps For Effective Writing

  1. Pre-writing
  2. Writing
  3. Revising
  4. Editing
  5. Publishing

A Quick Glance on the Writing Process for Effective Writing

Enable to explain the process of writing

#5Process for Effective Writing

Writing a magic wand for many professions

Communication is an essential part of any business. Writing skills are an important part of communication. People dealing with poor communication skills upset themselves and others too. It is the most demanding skill in the professional world. A capable writer helps to convey the thoughts accurately to the audiences. High-quality crafting skills takes the company to great heights. Thus Writing has high prospects in today’s competitive world.  Now –a- days, it is the gimmick of all professions.

4 Jobs for Passionate Writers

  1. Content Writers- They are professional writers. Content writers craft engaging content for the targeted audiences. Online writing for various websites has created benchmarks in the writing industry. These writers provide reliable information about the products and capture business. They work under the niche given to them. Apart from manipulating vocabularies, they should have a good knowledge of Keywords and SEO.

  2. Technical Writers-The term ‘Technical‘, itself defines the content should be quite difficult in its original format. Technical writers simplify the complex content into a more readable manner. A person with no voice should also be able to read the matter.

  3. Editors-Editing includes refining the material provided. An editor plans, revise, coordinate, and redefine the manuscripts provided to them. They work on a sharp deadline, looks after punctuations, grammar error, facts of the subjects, also suggests to change the title or subtitle if required. They improve the readability of the subjects by placing the written pieces into a coherent sequence.

  4. Creators-Authors are the creators who write on any topic or subject. A piece of poetry, drama, plays, stories, songs all the created by the author and later according to their fields termed as poets, playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, novelist, speechwriter. They have their own style of writings.

Inculcating writing habit is not a single day process. It needs years of practice and it is the stepping stone for the future achievements of life. If you start counting you can jot down various tasks which we perform automatically every day, without any guidance or interference. That is due to the conditioning or you can say it is the result of habit formation.

Best The 7 Habits Quotes with images to share and download for free at QuotesLyfe

Learning New Habits #Writing Takes Time

Therefore, writing should be in the ‘must be’ list.

5 #Quick and #Essential Tips to learn Good Writing Habits

  1. Consistency is the Steppingstone for Success-Make a habit of drafting daily. Be honest and spare 20 minutes to write in a day. Choose a comfortable place to sit and concentrate. Start with short writings and follow the process of writing. Choose the topic of your own interest. Be consistent in writing. You can start with an essay, paragraph, or any topic you deal with in your daily chores. I started with the topic ‘Procrastination’. I was suspending my tasks now and then during the lockdown. It helped me to find the root cause and ways to fix it. You can also try something which will help you to eradicate the cause and provide you with a topic.

  2. Trust the Psychological aspect of learning new habits -It is very simple to unlearn a learned habit but takes long practice to learn a new habit.  You have to go through many flows of your thoughts but, train yourself to overcome a hard time of accepting new learning. According to scientific research, new learning becomes permanent in two months. That is approximately 60 days or else it depends on the stability of following the practice.

  3. Wrap up whatever you begin with –Continuous writing will exhaust your thought process. Motivate yourself to wrap up the assignment you have started genuinely. If you are blogging for the first time, never think of leaving it in between. Giving an end to the first blog will provide you with a sense of achievement and will motivate you to write further. All write-ups should have a proper ending or finishing. This will automatically compel you to write the second one.

  4. Read, Read, Read ………………. -A good reading habit will help you to communicate freely without error. It helps you to broaden your horizon of critical thinking, framing new ideas, and jotting the ideas confidently. Reading and writing habits are the two parts of the same coin. Regular reading habits will enrich your vocabulary, help you to learn writing styles and framing sentences. As a result, after a period of time, you will be having your own style of depicting stories. It will be great fun to see your prior write-ups and obviously, you can compare the achievements and reward your work.

  5. Peer comments –Be social and never hesitate to share your write-ups with friends and accept and give peer group. Peer review gives students to learn from each other and enhance their writing skills. This process help students to engage in critical thinking of writing issues. However, this allows students to work at their own pace also questioning their friends them about why, what, where, when, and How, gives them a professional feel or experience. It helps them to be more focused and expand thinking patterns.


The journey of manuscripts started with some seals and signs so that trading and other activities can be recorded, however, it landed all of us to the digital era where people communicate through writing, and nowadays, emoji are the best way to express our emotions. It is the Backbone of all existing and upcoming industries and sectors. A good writer is the Game Changer of the company. Qualitative writing skills will take the business to greater heights and attract clients globally. However, writing is not an easy task. You should be well-versed with technical jargon instance -keyword,  SEO. Moreover, a good writer follows some steps of writing. Therefore, scripting is an integral part of education which assists them to compete in this digital era. Penning down is a habit formation and it needs regularity. It is an art as well as a science


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