Pandemic and Digitalization

Pandemic and Digitalization

Pandemic and Digitalization

 Pandemic and Digitalization

During the outburst of the Pandemic, people are going through terrible ups and downs of life. As a result, everybody has their own challenges. However, all of a sudden, teachers were compelled to update themselves according to the current scenario. Suddenly, students landed on a new pattern of learning. Online industries had a great evolution during this pandemic because everything tides up into digitalization. A few months back teachers and parents were worried about the indulgence of children with gadgets. On the other side now during pandemic online education has compelled parents to sit, assist, and fix the problems. In the digital world, everybody has to be more agile and innovate to fit the rat race. Those who are not able to meet the demand are unable to sustain in their industries. Social media and digital platforms are overpowering humankind.

Effect of digitalization during  Pandemic

COVID -19, Pandemic landed people into a dramatic digital transformation. Life in every sphere has become more tantalizing. From scratch to the gross necessity is being captured by the digital world.
Now digitalizing has sneaked in our lives and enforced everybody for its acceptance. It has hypnotized the whole era.
But the question arises, Are we really prepared to face the challenges of this digital era? Are people able to accept and shift accord to the market interest?

This platform has created a vast opportunity for the upcoming generation. However, this evolution has its own peak and valleys.

1. Gateway for more opportunities

The rapid growth of the digital world has opened the door for challenges, opportunities for science, education, research, the economy, and society.

2.Connecting people:

The digital world has enabled people to connect and share their thoughts freely. Social media has allowed us to enter and pen down their concerns freely.

3.Technology and Education

Technology has given wings to education. Children are not confined only to the classroom teaching process. They are curious, good explorers and it is a precondition for the upcoming genre.

4.Conscientious customer support

Digital marketing view customers as key factors. They get personal with customers and support them with relevant information and tantalize them for the purchase.

5.Concierge Economy

In this cut-throat competition where people don’t have time for themselves digitalization is a boon, information is provided to the customer at their fingertips using various apps.

6.Environment Friendly

The Digital era is environment-friendly. It reduces the challenges of deforestation and many other cost-cutting of industries.

On the flip digital era has its own challenges, which drive us all to think about an endangered generation.

1. Weakening Social Skills

Digitalization has shrunk social skills. People are becoming self-centered and prefer to withdraw themselves from society as they are busy in the rat race. This has turned them impatient, insecured, and a variety of other problems associated to be well being.

2. Substance Abusing

Pandemic and evolution in technology have trapped people in alcoholism. To get rid of the fears people are more exposed to such habits. social distancing and isolation have made them more substance addicted.

3.Health hazards

Poor vision, obesity, anxiety, depression, insomnia are few health issues that need attention and people have to work upon their lifestyles.


India is a land of agriculture. Farming is still a major source of revenue. In such a scenario accessing and training them is a great challenge.

5.Lack of Awareness:

People have to explore and learn a lot, they have application and accessibility issues, the knowledge of digitalization in the current scenario of the pandemic is like a drop in the ocean. However, preparing children according to the upcoming digitalized era will be a great challenge. As it has its own benefits and drawbacks.

6.Online exams have their limitations:

The outburst of COVID has digitalized our education system as well. It has loopholes that need attention. Professionals served with degrees, based on online exams will be a challenge for the education system.

7.Replacement of Human Resources:

The digital industry has turned up into a cost-cutting industry. Replacing human resources led to a big level of unemployment. Data Security, Privacy concerns are some other valleys of this industry. Undoubtedly digitalization has landed up with a great industrial revolution and an entirely digital economy but human beings have to see the loophole of passivism and disconnectivity too.

5 Ways to Stay positive during pandemic and digitalization

Humans have an innate quality to control their minds.  Staying positive during odd times is everyone has to learn during the time of the pandemic. However, trying to find and handling the present situation patiently and wisely will help all to overcome the pandemic. Also, it will help to face the challenges of the digital world.

 1. Spare time and stay connected —Family members and friends are an inseparable part of one’s life. This is a perfect time for spare time and makes them feel special. Everyone likes surprises. Be the one to bring a ray of happiness in somebody’s life.

2. Engage with a new hobby—Startup with some new hobbies which will help you to overcome fear, boredom, loneliness, and haunting thoughts. Maintaining journals and writing habits will help you to cope up with the adverse situation. It will keep you goal-oriented.

3.Compare yourself with the unprivileged—During the tough time always look at the unprivileged and try to make some difference in their life, which will give you a sense of contentment.

4.Avoid holding off—Be active, and stop piling the things for tomorrow. It’s the perfect time to go through the positive quotes and implementing them.

5.Learn to reward yourself—Be happy and learn to acknowledge your achievements. Jot down the reasons for losing a game and work upon that.


During COVID, the digital world has helped people to overcome their fears. However, a pandemic has created a stressful and difficult situation. It is obvious to have fears during the period of uncertainty. But Social media, video games, online courses, webinars, and other modes of on-screen has helped people to handle this adverse situation more efficiently. As a result, People can stay connected with their dear and near ones. During the pandemic digital world is a boon of technology. Connectivity due to technology has eased our life. Digital health tools have widened the perspective of humankind. People are becoming more health-conscious. However, a lack of digital literacy pushes its usability back. Definitely, technological advancement has made our life more comfortable and convenient in the world. Despite having pitfalls, proper awareness and cautious usage of digital will serve it as a good tool for mankind.

Digitalization during Pandemic

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