School Competitions

School Competitions

School Competitions

Champions are made from something deep they have inside

school competitions-stepping stone to success

At times I wonder, what are we rushing for? Sights of nature like chasing animals, blooming flowers, flowing water, kids running after each other in the ground, make me realize very soon, we all are juggling to prove us better in this world. My eyes witnessed many sites, where people lost their lives, They gave up as they were not able to fit in this horse race. Till the birth to the grave, all the way we compete. Then, I realized Competitions are the roadway to success.

competitions-Origin and Meaning

Competition is derived from the Late Latin word ‘compete’, where ‘Com’ means to come together and ‘Pete’ means to strive, to rush, to fly. Thus competition means where two or more people come together and contest to prove their superiority.

 competitions in daily life

In our daily life, no field is remaining untouched out of competency. All industries, for instance-fashion, banking, business sectors, educational sectors, even in the society we live, we juggle to sustain. From childhood, children are exposed to warfare. Headings like Top 10 industrialists, actors, cricketer, schools are the examples of the cut-throat world of competition, we are existing in.

Significance of Competitions in  life

The biggest truth of animal kingdom is the maxim, The survival of the fittest. That means, the competition of animal kingdom, where the strongest and the fastest survive.

All discoveries, inventions are the result of the battle of the human brains. Therefore the rule of the animal kingdom applies to the human species too. Thus competency is desirable and inevitable.

Importance of school competitions

  1. It is the gateway to success in later stages of life.
  2. School competitions enable us to showcase our talents.
  3. They teach us life-skill values.
  4. childhood competitions boost up our confidence level.
  5. It enhances our creative skills. For instance – writing skills, art, and craft.
  6. such competitions help us to develop a good relationship with peers.

School Competitions- a roadway to success

Everything in the universe has its own ebb and flow. However, looking into the positive part will help us to reach the zenith. To find the relevance of school competitions, let us dive into its depth.

school competitions – a boon

  1. Contests are the roadways to success– Competitions are an integral part of an education system, to achieve higher-level standards. From birth, children are trained to face challenges so that they can adapt according to this competent world. Thus, childhood competitions are road builders.

  2. Encourage creative thinkingSchool contests compel children to think out of the box. Digitalization has made the competitions more interesting. They search for various ideas, researches, and acquire skills to beat their opponents. Creative minds put forth new hopes and inventions.

  3. Self-motivation – The willingness to win the battle, encourage the child to excel. As a result, challenges motivate them to walk extra miles.

  4.  Accepting and valuing others’ opinions– A debate helps to view, listen, and understand others’ views, it teaches to empathize and learn, to put themselves in others’ shoes.

  5. Boost up confidence levels-  Competing capacitate presentation skills. Children are fond of exploring and delivering. Contesting provides a platform to frame their skills and exhibit in front of others, which enhances their confidence level.

  6. Recreate social skills– Being a social animal, one should be well versed with social skills and social adjustments. winning or losing, both teach them to get along with others. They learn, casting proper language, caring, sharing, respecting others, and to oppose the irrational thinking of the society.

  7. Resilience with failures– Children are not like adults, they are not good at handling failures. Teenagers are more prone to exhibit negative emotions. Contesting teach them to overcome the loss.

  8.  Happy well being-  Children facing more competition, leads a happier life in the future. As a result, they are more capable of facing the challenges in life.

  9. Never give up- Sporting inculcate the value to never give up. Sporting helps to maintain a healthy and positive mind. It develops planning, organizing, and decision-making skills. Giving up means to stop striving for the best.

  10. Credibility- Credibility of a child encourages positiveness among the group members. They all work together as a team for achieving higher results.

 school competitions are not road blockers 

Have you ever lost a game in your school-life? Do you remember, how the emotional outbreak turns into a hilarious moment after some time? Losing and winning are the same part of the coin. Thus, school competitions are not road-blockers.

School competitions- a bane

  1. Low-self esteem- Losing the game leads to low self-esteem. Kids withdraw themselves from the group. Although, low self-esteem and low confidence are inter-related.

  2. Self-centered- In the battle of defeating others, little ones are not born with the feeling of me and you. But, in continuous competition, they forget to consider the feeling of others.

  3. Unnecessary Pressure- The rate of suicides is increasing day by day due to unnecessary competitions. It is disheartening to see the youngsters losing hope and believe in self-immolation. Young age competencies affect their productivity and mental health. The shame of being getting failure compels them to self-harm. However, the increasing rate of suicide among youngsters is a national loss.

  4.  Win-at-any-cost- Every game has its rule. Following rules and regulations teach them to be in a group. Despite working hard and putting forth the best efforts, its a soul-crushing experience to lose the game. Teenagers are less likely to accept and control their emotions. Hence, they believe in the theory of win-at-any-cost or conquer at any cost. They believe in no such rules for winning.

  5. In equal treatment-  when someone loses there are many to criticize Treating the losers as nobody, leads to emotional traumas. Although, it is illogical because winning and losing are the two sides of the same coin. But judging and tagging them as losers shatter their self-esteem.


Competitions are the inevitable and desirable process of life. Kids should be trained for looking at the positive part of the contests. Today’s losers are the winners of tomorrow. As they come back with the spirit of gaining glory. Criticism is an unavoidable term after losing. However, considering it as a source of motivation has to be learned and taught. Until and unless one will not lose the game there will be no winner on the other part. There will be no contests or victories to celebrate and defeats to contemplate. Always encourage contests as a healthy practice. Don’t forget to owe respect to the failures as there will be no block-busters without a flop. Thus, school competitions are a stepping stone to the competitive outer world. it is a boon, not a bane.

Correctly said by Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam “If you fail never give up because

-F.A.I.L means ” First Attempt in Learning”

-E.N.D. means “End Never Dies”

– N.O means “Next Opportunity”

So, let us teach our kids to accept school contests positively and consider challenges as the process of life. As life is filled with challenges and that can be overcome.


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